Friday, February 13, 2009

A Dragon's Horde, Neatly Organized

Every dragon needs a horde, and mine is neatly organized.  After a near disaster a few weeks ago - the shelving wasn't strong enough to hold all of the beads - I'm just about completely reorganized. 
This shelf holds the boxes with the precious and semi-precious pretties.  Lots of pearls and colored stone.  The shoeboxes contain packets of rhinestones, cabachons, brass stampings and vintage bead necklaces.
Stash Room - The Precious Pretties

A closeup of the boxes with the stone, and of course - the spools of Gudebrod silk I string it on.

An idea of what type of pearls I love.
Pearls and Precious Stone

I haven't transferred all of my glass beads into large bins.  I'll get there eventually.
Glass, The Long View

And a closeup of the glass.  I sure do love pink glass beads.
Glass, Close Up

While I horde like a dragon, I do work with my stash too - lately it's been seed beads, but I feel the need for a big bead necklace coming up.  Maybe rose quartz and a nice, soft green (thanks Valerie, for the inspiration!)
The Work Space


Kokopelli said...

Hi Lita,

like I said on BD. I'm really impressed by your stash. But you didn't mention the nearly desaster. I hope you didn't have to sort to many of the beads, that crashed down. I really should reorganize my beads.

Anonymous said...

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