Thursday, May 7, 2009

Silver on Silver - Oddly Victorian


Hill Tribe Silver Beads - Cast 15mm bicone - Thailand
Hill Tribe Silver Beads - Woven metal ribbon 8mm bicone - Thailand
Sterling Silver Donut 4mm Spacers - US
Sterling Silver 2mm seamless rounds - US
Dark Silver 10mm ovoid fresh water pearls - China
Light Silver 5mm keishi pearls - China
Bali Silver "S" Clasp

Stringing Material - Light Silver Gudebrode Silk - "E" weight

#10 wire beading needle (2)
Silver "french wire" fine (.5 inch)
Tri-cord knotting tool

A co-worker commissioned a necklace from me. She wanted chunky and silver and long. Since she wasn't prepared to spend several hundred dollars for 48 inches of Hill Tribe Silver, I suggested gray pearls and a little bit of silver as accents. From the selection I showed her, she homed in on the light gray/silver palette - particularly the small keishi pearls and some larger 12mm ovoids. From my silver box, she selected probably the heaviest silver beads I had, but I was able to steer her to some lighter, less expensive accents as well.

The result is oddly Victorian, which really wasn't my goal, nor is it particularly my style, but I am really pleased with the results. I don't normally work with a monochrome palette - contract is king in my book. But I really like it, and will make a variation of it for myself sometime soon.

Materials Cost: $50.00
Time to Complete: 2 hours
Difficulty: 2 out of 5

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TrinityJewelry said...

I love your designs! Like you I prefer to use quality materials. I originally saw you on Create Your Style but my pc rebooted before I wrote down your user name. I am on as Trinity3. On Twitter I am WestieLvr and I am on Facebook as well. Could you please let me know your info for the above?