Monday, January 4, 2010

New Business Cards

I'm off to Tucson at the end of the month, and MDF Marie of East of Oz reminded me that I need to bring business cards. It seems that some of the wholesale dealers don't like to sell in small quantities, but if I tell them that I'm working on a new line - and having business cards to prove that I'm a bona fide business - I shouldn't have problems.

I finally have found a use for the tres expensive Dover Pictura Vector collection of Art Nouveau images I bought last June - although I wasn't able to use the EPS files - my skills with Illustrator need a lot of work. I did find that the JPG files were really high quality, and I was able to get the same effects using Photoshop.

I had started out with a picture of recent works all massed together, and after taking nearly 100 pictures that looked like garbage, I decided to go in a completely different direction - and I must say - I like it. Although I am typically and Art Deco kind of girl, when it comes to graphic images - Art Nouveau/Arts & Crafts/Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood can't be beat.

The back of the card, which isn't finished yet, will have the William Morris fruit tree background in gray, and all of my contact details. Then off to Vistaprint - which I find is still the best deal in town.

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Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous work. I only have basic design skills and this type of design blows me away. I am a decidedly Art Nouveau Girl.